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The agent pack for real estate agents is a comprehensive toolkit that empowers agents with the resources they need to excel in the competitive real estate market.

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We’re Xpertise! The digital marketing agency that has been crowned the Brand Setters of the Emirates, why? Because we’ve worked with some of the biggest brands in the market and helped them develop and execute incredibly successful brand campaigns. So, it’s safe to say, we know our stuff and you can be guaranteed to get the optimum results from your online presence and digital marketing strategies.

Don’t let any obstacle come in the middle of you and your sale.

The agent pack is the one-stop solution for real estate professionals to not just be better, but the best!

It includes a wealth of tools, templates, brochures, fact sheets, floor plans and more to help them stand out from the competition.

Brochures with Floor Plans

We help in compiling visually appealing brochures with detailed floor plans to showcase real estate properties and help agents attract potential buyers.


Xpertise provides translation services to help real estate agents communicate effectively with a diverse clientele in Dubai.

Community Maps

We compile community maps to highlight local amenities, such as parks, schools, and shopping centers, and help real estate agents market properties effectively.

Fact Sheets

Xpertise creates fact sheets that provide detailed information about properties, including location, size, features, and pricing, to help real estate agents attract potential buyers.

Images and 3D Renders

We create high-quality images and 3D renders of properties to help real estate agents showcase them in the best possible light and attract potential buyers.


Xpertise creates engaging videos that showcase properties and their features, amenities, and local attractions to help real estate agents attract potential buyers and increase engagement.

The Agent Pack can help you save your valuable time and get all the property materials handy

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We are experts in formulating brand guidelines for our clients and go the extra mile to implement them into exceptional brand campaigns, website design and development as well as social media campaigns, that help generate huge reach and revenue for your brand. Our video production team are experts at producing high-quality videos for your brand that can help you create engaging content to convey your brand’s offerings and message in one of the most effective way.

Branding & Brand Campaigns

Website Design & Development

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  • WhatsApp automation
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  • Email automation
  • Mobile app development
  • Business tech packages
  • Lead generation
  • Remarketing funnel Ads
  • Influencer marketing
  • PR packages
  • Agent pack
  • SEO
  • Captains of Industry
  • Short videos/reels
  • Personal branding
  • E-course creation
  • Become an author with Xpertise
  • Xpertise corporate digital marketing course

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